Inspections Department

The Inspection Department reviews plans for all new construction, issues permits, and performs inspections for building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and fire, in accordance with the latest North Carolina State Building Codes. The department is also responsible for enforcing the Town’s Code of Ordinances which deals with public nuisances, signs, abandoned buildings, and minimum housing. We have streamlined our permitting process and offer same day inspections.

Planning Department

Our Planning Department is responsible for approving all subdivisions of land, issuing zoning permits, CAMA permits, review and approval of site plans, and any zoning changes. An official zoning map is available at our office or can be viewed here.


Kenneth Morrison

Code Enforcement / Building Inspections

Dennis Albright

Code Enforcement / Building Inspections

Marsha-Gray Kircher







  Building Permit  
  Zoning Permit 18-19 Fee Schedule
  Sign Permit  
  Temporary Electrical Power  
  Workers Comp General Contractor  
Agreement for Contribution in Lieu of Sidewalk Construction
Political Sign Permit Application