Holly Ridge Town Council


(Pictured from Left to Right: Councilman George Lang, Councilwoman Pamala Hall, Mayor Anita Dingler, Senator Harry Brown, Councilwoman Carolyn Stanley, Mayor Pro-Tem Rena Bragg, and Councilman Gregory Hines)

 How to contact your Elected Officials:

Daytime Contact Number: 910-329-7081 or by Email (Listed Below)

Mayor Anita Dingler adingler.hollyridge@gmail.com 
Mayor Pro-Tem Rena Bragg rbragg.hollyridge@gmail.com
Councilman Gregory Hines ghines.hollyridge@gmail.com
Councilwoman Carolyn Stanley cstanley.hollyridge@gmail.com
Councilman George Lang glang.hollyridge@gmail.com
Councilwoman Pamala Hall phall.hollyridge@gmail.com