Office of the Town Manager

The Town Manager is hired by the Town Council to serve as the Town’s chief executive officer and oversees all of the operations and functions performed by staff. The manager’s office takes responsibility for achieving the Town’s economic development objectives and managing disaster preparedness. The Town Manager directs the administration departments as well as various boards and committees.

Carin Z. Faulkner

Town Manager

Office of the Town Clerk

The Town Clerk is responsible for giving notice of all meetings of the Town Council, keeps a journal of the proceedings, is the keeper of all town records, and operates as the liaison between the town boards and committees and the manager and citizens. Located within the clerk’s office is also a satellite location for ONWASA payments and establishing new service.

Heather Reynolds
Town Clerk

Tracy Martin
Deputy Town Clerk

Public Records Information Request Form

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Request for Placement on the Sunshine List