Planning Board/Board of Adjustment


Mission Statement

The Town of Holly Ridge Planning Board/Board of Adustment is committed to facilitating the development of communities that safeguard the community as a whole and protect the landscapes and valued resources. The Planning Board also strives to influence the process of growth and change within the Town so that projects work for all citizens and future generations of citizens.

Program Ideas

Please bring any new program suggestions, concerns or comments to our attention by submitting an email to Heather Reynolds. We encourage your ideas and welcome fresh input from the community on how to improve the parks and recreation facilities and programs.





Board Members Roster

Name Position Term
Cindy Throne Corporate – 3 year term 06/14/16 – 06/13/19
Len Kuhn Corporate – 3 year term   04/11/17 – 04/11/20
John McIver Corporate – 3 year term 04/11/17 – 04/11/20
Patricia Hosinski Corporate – 3 year term 04/28/15 – 04/28/18
Anna Gaskins ETJ – 3 year term  04/04/16 – 04/28/19
VACANT ETJ – 2 year term  05/04/15 – 04/28/17
Sue Butler Corporate- 2 year term 01/10/17 – 01/10/20


Currently there is an opening for an ETJ Member on the Planning Board/Board of Adjustment as well as two alternate members openings. If interested, please complete the application and submit to the Town Hall PO BOX 145, Holly Ridge, NC 28445.


Planning Board Ordinance

Application for Appointment to Planning Board

Application for Appointment to the Board of Adjustment
Authorization for Release of Criminal History