Housing Authority



The Mayor of the Town of Holly Ridge appoints members to a seven member board of the Holly Ridge Housing Authority. These terms are for 5 years, with one meeting per month. Applicants for this board do not have to be citizens within the Town of Holly Ridge.

Board Members Roster

Name Position Term
Mary Piner, Chairperson 5 Year Term 7/9/2012 – 7/9/2017
Kathy Sandlin 5 Year Term 7/9/2012 – 7/9/2017
Monte Mundord 5 Year Term 2/20/2013 – 2/20/2018
George Lang 5 Year Term 3/12/2012 – 3/12/2017
Linda Batson 5 Year Term 7/18/2012 – 7/18/2017
Lois Blizzard 5 Year Term 5/21/2013 – 5/21/2018
Vacant (Unexpired Term) 5 Year Term 9/16/2013 – 9/16/2018




If you are interested in becoming a member please go to the Office at the Housing Authority located on Circle Drive for an application.

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