Please be careful of people who come to your door and say they are at your home on behalf of “the water company” because of water quality issues and ask for a sample of your water from your faucet. ONWASA is not affiliated with any such company and will not send anyone to your home that is not an ONWASA employee to test your water. ONWASA employees will always be in a marked vehicle with the ONWASA logo, will be in an ONWASA uniform, and will have proper ONWASA identification. ONWASA employees will never ask to come inside your home without prior notification or consent. If at any time someone comes to your home and is not identified as an ONWASA employee, please always ask for identification and be careful who you let into your home. This company sells home water filtration systems and if you are interested in one, well then they knocked on the right door; but just please know they were not sent by your local water provider. When in doubt or if you have questions or concerns about your water, call us at 910-455-0722.